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Behind every young child who believes in herself is a parent who believed first

Udaan18 provides an effective and powerful way to plan investments for your child's higher education

  • You want the best for your child.

  • You want them to find a career they are passionate about.

  • You understand that Higher Education is costly, but it is an investment that pays off multiple times in the long run. 

  • With uncertainties of life, you want an investment that delivers sufficient capital for your child under any scenario.


Udaan18 is here to help you make the most of your investments and ensure your child sufficient capital for higher education. With our investment plans, you can be sure that your money is working hard for your child's bright future.

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The reasons you are here …..


The logic behind the name….


“Udaan” stands for flight every child dreams to take when she grows up


18 denotes the age of child when parents should be ready to finance the flight

How Much Can It Cost ?

Cost of higher education can vary from country to country, and from course to course. The courses in demand generally see higher degree of inflation vis a viz others. To have a quick view of how much budget you should plan for, we provide below estimates for MBA courses (one of the most demanded 2 years curriculum).  

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* The projections are based on 12% per annum inflation rate. Past 20 years trackrecord shows that higher education around the world has inflated at an annual average growth rate of 12% to 15%. The cost estimates above include Tuition Fess + Cost of Stay (excludes Cost of Travel) 

How Udaan18 puts you ahead in the race....

The 18 years of child's journey may look long. However, the experience tells us that time flies. Children grow  up very fast. They will be ready to set sails on their own, before you even realise. Therefore it is imperative to plan well and start early for their higher education. At Udaan18, you can expect the following:

Goal Setting

This is the first and foremost stage. Goal setting helps bringing the discipline and vision required. We calculate and forecast the capital required for higher education in the future. Here we take into consideration factors like inflation, currency, choice of field, etc.

Creating a plan

A goal without a plan is a wish. In this stage, we chalk out a plan to achieve the goal. We factor in the investment options, target ROI, investment required on monthly basis, etc. 

Regular Monitoring

Your Investments are monitored for performance. If there is any need for rebalancing or any adjustment, we shall be highlighting the same as and when required.  We are partners in your wealth creation journey.  


We escort you in the journey until the goals are met and your victory has been achieved. Your ultimate victory in child's higher education is the purpose we exist.   

Cost of Delay 

Procrastination is the enemy of progress. It is true in life and in finance. In the limited over game of cricket, all wasted overs lead to higher asking run rate. Similarly, in investments, your goals become difficult to achieve when you start your investments late. It may cause shortfall in the corpus required to meet your milestones. Let us understand it with the help of an example. If you delay your investments by just 12 months, your required annual contribution to meet your milestone over 18 years go up by 17%. If you delay by 2 years, then your required contribution would go up by 35% per annum. A delay by 3 years would take the required annual contribution by 53%, and so on....   Instead of compromising later, one should start as early as possible. One of the mistakes that most investors commit is that they wait for accumulating money in the bank before putting it to meaningful use. We recommend that you start early irrespective of the size of contribution. Even a small contribution with good compounding takes you closer to your goals.


What Our Clients Say

Sameer & his colleague have always kept our interest at the top. They provide a feel-safe experience while we get advised on investments. Since 2009, our journey has been great so far. Would definitely recommend them.  

Alpana Grover,

I started saving for my daughter in 2007, when she was only 5 years old. The handholding and advise on investments by Udaan have  been praiseworthy. Now that my daughter has left for US, I am thankful to Udaan for playing a very crucial role in our life.   

Tarun Bhatia, Bangalore

I and my husband started investing for our son with Udaan while we were in India in 2010. We have always found their advise to be honest and apt. Distance and time difference between India and UK has never been an issue when it comes to service delivery.   

Navina Natrajan,

What is it and why you should care...

"Phygital stands for something that fall in between physical and digital world"

According to Forbes, Phygital is the way forward for investment world. 

At present, most investment services are polarized. They are either 100% online, or they are fully old school physical mode. Both models have their pros and cons.

100% digital platforms help execution of transactions just by clicking a few buttons. However, they lack miserably in expert advise and accountability.

Fully physical models have the advantage of experience professional who can provide invaluable inputs based on the needs of investors. However, this model suffers from time lags for any service request.

At Udaan18, we have adopted the best of both worlds. With us, all your transactions would be executed 100% digitally, while all your questions will be answered by senior professionals who shall act as your long term partners. Our individual meetings shall happen over phone, skype or Zoom. Over the long journey of wealth accumulation, you may move to different parts of the world. With our phygital model, you shall continue to experience excellent service irrespective of geographical distance in between.  

Our Partners

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About Us

Udaan18 has been founded with sole purpose of helping parents accumulate resources for their children's bright future. Udaan18 is a division owned by SAKSHAM Wealth P. Ltd. (,

an AMFI registered Mutual Fund distributor. Launched in 2005, Saksham has grown multi-folds. Today under the Udaan18 flag, Saksham Wealth manages assets worth INR 127 Crores. The venture is backed by professionals from varied background such as Chartered Accountant, MBA, BCA, and B.Tech.

Over last 17 years of history, we have helped many parents successfully finance the higher education for their kids in India and abroad. We appreciate the trust posed by our clients. God willing, we are on our way to help many more families in their pursuit of better quality life.

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